Who said traditional clothing is outdated or old school?


Traditional clothing shows your originality by wearing traditional clothes you show your importance and existence as an individual who has its own identity. At the end of the day it’s just a choice and many don’t go in depth about your clothes but at some occasions it does wonders for u.

Tradition is old and important and it shapes us to be the way we are today let us unite and embrace our culture.

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Super woman’s month

I am not used to this blogging thing but I must say I am enjoying it. Well I did not know what to write about today but all I know is I did not want to write a post about fashion just for today, Then I thought this is a woman’s month so I decided to write about that and write about the special woman in my life. Women are the most powerful people I know, they are able to make ends meet no matter how hard it is. Women were born to endure and they have the ability to forgive the most painful things and some are also born to forget physically and mentally. If women remembered the pain they had during labor, do you think would actually put themselves through that again and again? Once that baby is out, the relief is instantaneous! Even though they remember the pain, remember what that pain felt like…they tend to forget the intensity of the pain. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have multiple births.

Opra Winfrey once said “The whole point of being alive is to evolve into the complete person you were intended to be” I agree with that statement fully.

In life I have learned that no matter how big you are, no matter how experienced you are about life but everyone needs to have that someone they can always rely on no matter what. I have that someone and I am very grateful for that because I know that whenever life hits me hard I know I have my super hero on my side and that person is my mother. She has been there for me through thick and thin I don’t know how she gets the strength to put up with my mistakes and still give me the love, support and care she provides. When I look back into ma teenage life and when I think back of all the naughty things I wanted to do with my life if she had not said No to that I doubt I would be the person that I am today. I know I have not achieved much in my life but at least I am still alive and not doing drugs because most of the people I grew up with their lives are messed up in a big way. I am who I am because of uMamqwathi (my mother’s clan name).

Regain A Missing Sense

Laura Grace Weldon

“Awe is the beginning of wisdom.” Matthew Fox

We’re missing a sense integral to a fully-lived life. Not a sense like hearing, seeing, tasting, or feeling—although these senses should come into play too. I’m talking about a capacity that has dulled significantly since you were a very young child.

Back then everything was wondrous. You crouched down to watch a bug on the ground, curious to see how it moved through tall grass, thrilled when it lifted off on shiny transparent wings. The sun on your face, the smell of the dirt, and experience of running with your arms out in imitation of that flying creature are all still held in your bodily memory. As a small child, you lived within moments of wonder.  The sense we’re missing is awe— a heightened state of being, a sort of enhanced aliveness.

Sure, it’s necessary to become somewhat dulled to the world…

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History of fashion

Fashion is a popular or the latest style of clothing, it has been around for decades/ centuries and the fashion industry has grown tremendously. Fashion has been passed on from generation to generation, by that I mean what our great grandmothers used to wear in their time, is still the same fashion we wear nowadays but now it has been modified in terms of quality, length and colour but still remains the same style but now we give it a new name to make it more funky and cool after all we in 21st Century Lol J. a popular or the latest style of clothing.

Is fashion a need or a want, honestly I’m not sure what is the correct answer to that but I think a bit of both and it also depends on your age group because for my generation it is both.

Why do we need fashion?

Fashion helps people express their feelings and personality through clothing so even if you are shy you can express yourself in some way. Fashion helps us express ourselves and it is for your satisfaction. The are many reasons why fashion is important to many people.First you might ask why are women in particular so obsessed with fashion? thats because how women look is primarily what men look for in a mate so women are always preoccupied with looks(also hair, skin, makeup, etc) But this is not the only reason. Some fashion can indicate social status or belonging to a group. Other people wear fashion in order to belong in a society or in a certain group. A man wearing a very nice suit is regarded as an important person some people might associate that person with high class jobs just by wearing the suit. Some people feel that their clothing is an extension of their personality so they may choose to wear a colour which they feel fit, that is my opinion on fashion. Oh one last thing sex appeal falls in there too there is definitely such thing as fashion to show sexuality.

I personally love fashion, it just gives me that ‘‘oomph’’ to boost my confidence. No matter how much you love fashion but you have to choose a fashion that will suit your personality and it is always important to wear something that you will be comfortable in. Another important thing is to know that not every fashion is for everyone choose your fashion wisely after all you don’t want to wear a stylish jean/ top which looks awful on you. Stay stylish BE SATISFASHION.

Fall in love with what you wear


I loved fashion in the way many young girls “love fashion.” Which is to say, I enjoyed going shopping, buying new clothes, looking at the pictures in Vogue and then tearing pages out for my wall without considering designer credits or who styled what?

At the time, I knew very little about top fashion designers but I knew about brands such as Nike, adidas, levis and all-star. For me having brand names was the big deal but unfortunately I was unable to have all the brands I wanted because of finance but that did not stop me from loving fashion and wanting the latest trends. So what I did is I felt in love with the clothes because the reality was I had no choice but to love what I had in my wardrobe and I made them look fashionable buy cutting and adding some clothing pieces or colorful button to some of my clothes. I tell you it worked I had the most stylish wardrobe, so sometimes it’s not really about brand names you just have to be a little creative just to get that look.

You will never be truly happy if you are not comfortable with what you wearing that is why it is highly important to be comfortable in what you are wearing. The next important thing is love your outfit.